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High Inlet Temperature Air Dryers for Sale

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15 Items

  1. 100 CFM High Temperature Air Dryer for 25 HP Compressor | FXHT4-A-UL-115V1PH60
    Model: 8102809855
    Atlas Copco
  2. 125 CFM High Temperature Air Dryer for 30 HP Compressor | FXHT5-A-UL-115V1PH60
    Model: 8102809863
    Atlas Copco
  3. Quincy 100 CFM High Inlet Temp Air Dryer for a 20 & 25 HP Air Compressor | QRHT-100
    Model: QRHT-100
    Quincy Compressor
  4. 100 CFM High Temp Air Dryer for 20 & 25 HP Compressor | CPXHT100 (H4)
    Model: CPXHT100 (H4)
    Chicago Pneumatic
  5. Quincy 125 CFM High Inlet Temp Air Dryer for a 25 & 30 HP Air Compressor | QRHT-125
    Model: QRHT-125
    Quincy Compressor
  6. 125 CFM High Temperature Cycling Dryer | 2
    Model: RTC 0125-F
    Nano Purification
  7. 125 CFM High Temp Air Dryer for 25 & 30 HP Compressor | CPXHT125 (H5)
    Model: CPXHT125 (H5)
    Chicago Pneumatic
  8. Deltech 125 CFM High Temperature Air Dryer for 25 & 30 HP Air Compressors, 1
    Model: HTD125
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15 Items

Hot, Wet Air? Is the temperature over 100 Degrees F? Install a high inlet temperature air dryer which incorporates the air cooled after cooler and refrigerated air dryer all in one to give you dry air. Search our air dryer superstore for the best high temp air dryer for your compressor application. Shop our SPX-Deltech, Chicago Pneumatic or Quincy Compressor Air Dryers. Our factory direct pricing enables us to offer great dryer pricing with very quick shipments.

Installation of Refrigerated Air Dryers

High Temperature Air Dryers can be installed either before or after the air tank. We would recommend a water separator and particulate filter to be installed prior to the air dryer and a coalescing filter to filter the oil after the dryer (coalescing filters filter the oil best at the coldest point).

Local Service & Support

Feel confident buying any air dryer from Compressor World as all air dryers are serviced by local qualified service technicians.

Quick Sizing Chart for Air Dryers

3 Horsepower Compressor10 CFM Air Dryer
5 Horsepower Compressor20 CFM Air Dryer
7.5 Horsepower Compressor25 CFM Air Dryer
10 Horsepower Compressor35 or 50 CFM Air Dryer
15 Horsepower Compressor50 or 75 CFM Air Dryer
20 Horsepower Compressor100 CFM Air Dryer
25 Horsepower Compressor100 or 125 CFM Air Dryer
30 Horsepower Compressor125 or 150 CFM Air Dryer
40 Horsepower Compressor200 CFM Air Dryer
50 Horsepower Compressor250 CFM Air Dryer
60 Horsepower Compressor300 CFM Air Dryer
75 Horsepower Compressor400 CFM Air Dryer
100 Horsepower Compressor500 CFM Air Dryer
125 Horsepower Compressor600 CFM Air Dryer
150 Horsepower Compressor750 CFM Air Dryer
200 Horsepower Compressor1000 CFM Air Dryer

Remember ambient and incoming air temperatures play a role in sizing air dryers. Contact anyone of our air dryer experts to help size your dryer application.