7.5 HP Rotary Vane Air Compressor from Mattei | 3-Phase ER 5

ER 5
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ER Series provide small air users with a quiet continuous duty air compressor designed to last. Integrated design, durable construction and simple reliable operation make ER Series compressors ideal for small enterprises, craftsmen and workshops desiring quiet operation, superior performance and great value.

400 Series: 5 HP through 7.5 HP
400 Series offers small shops an economical alternative with the same extraordinary reliability & performance you get from all Mattei air compressors. These compact air compressors deliver quiet performance and great value with the absence of an aftercooler, and feature sleek in-line construction, simple controls, dependable operation and low maintenance. Includes modulation and automatic start/stop controls as standard. Available in 230,460v/3Ph/60Hz.

ER Series is friendly to your wallet and the environment. Each unit holds very little lubricant (typically less than half that of a screw type compressor) which saves you a small fortune on oil changes and disposal costs. The oil filter is cleanable – yes, cleanable. The highly efficient mechanical air/oil separation chamber delivers high quality air to the air/oil separator filter thus, it sees very little lubricant and provides up to 10,000 hours of service, and low 1-3 ppm oil carryover.


Compact and innovative compressors designed for continuous service and quiet operation. Long-life and reliable operation make ER Series ideal for small enterprises, craftsmen and workshops.

Simple design and long-life components guarantees considerably reduced maintenance costs and excellent reliability.

All components are easily accessible for fast easy maintenance. Maintenance operations only include changing the oil at predetermined intervals, cleaning or replacing the air filter and cleaning the radiator (400 Series). Benefit from low oil volume and long-life oil separating filters for significant savings over the life of the machine.

100 Series: The simple and functional control panel includes: a start and stop switch, a safety thermostat for motor overloads and for high oil temperature and a gauge.

400 Series: The control panel is simple and practical and includes an hour counter, a start-up button and an emergency button, a safety automatic stop.

400 Series uses a flexible coupling between motor and compressor without any need for belts. It is without gears or roller bearings needing maintenance.

Benefit from our long-life all synthetic Rotoroil 8000 F2 lubricant.

1. Intake Filter
2. Automatic Intake Valve
3. Oil Chamber
4. Compression Chamber
5. Oil Cooler
6. Oil Filter
7. Labyrinth
8. Compressed Air
9. Rotor
10. Coalescing Filter
11. Oil Return Valve
12. Minimum Pressure Non Return Valve

During the compression process, air is drawn through a filter into the "Rotor-Stator unit".
Such "unit" consists of a cylinder (stator) in which a rotor mounted eccentrically and tangential with the stator rotates. The rotor has longitudinal slots in which vanes slide.
Vanes are pushed against the stator internal surface by centrifugal force, generated by rotation. Air is compressed through the contraction in volume of the chamber, consisting of the stator, vanes and rotor, during rotation. Sealing between the moving parts, cooling and lubrication are ensured by oil injection. At the exit from the rotorstator unit the air-oil mixture passes through a filtering element, separating oil from the air, this oil is then recovered and returns to the intake.
The air-oil mixture leaving the compression unit passes through a special internal sleeve and touches the internal surface of the finned chamber. By passing through mechanical and coalescing separation stages, the mixture of compressed air and oil is purified until the maximum oil carry-over in the air does not exceed 3 ppm (parts per million).
An air flow, produced by the axial fan, flows through the finned chamber and removes heat generated during the compression. Compressed air leaves the compressor through a valve, which has the function of keeping a minimum pressure inside the oil chamber, so as to ensure suitable operation when the compressor is delivering air.


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