1000 CFM Air Dryer Rated for a 200 HP Air Compressor | DRD1000

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PoleStar Smart refrigerated dryers actively remove this condensate to achieve extremely dry compressed air.  The benefits are notable; less system downtime, reduced costs on maintenance and an improved finished product. 
How Polestar Smart works;
The hot wet air enters PoleStar Smart, where it immediately passes through the air-to-air exchanger, which cools the incoming air by means of the exiting air. 
The now pre-cooled air then enters the evaporator where it is further cooled down by the cold refrigerant to achieve the target dewpoint temperature.  The condensate in the air, which has now become a liquid thanks to the cooling process, is efficently separated by the demister and removed by the condensate drain. 
The cold dry air passes back through the return side of the air-to-air exchanger where it is heated up by the incoming air.  This process not only saves energy by pre-cooling the inlet air, but also prevents pipe sweating downstream. 
- Optimum dewpoint levels for highest system performance
- Advanced patented design solutions
- Lowest real operating costs
- High reliability, easy to use and maintain
Smart Specs
- PoleStar Smart has been designed with the reality that compressor rooms are often dirty and poorly ventilated.  All models feature oversided condensers to allow operation up to 140 Degrees F air inlet adn 122 Degrees F ambient.  A condenser pre-filter reduces maintenance requirements, enhances performance and optimizes reliability in dirty environments. 
SmartControl with SmartSave Cycling
- Digital dewpoint display
- SmartSave Cycling or direct expansion operation
- Self diagnostic control with warnings and alarms
- SmartSave Cycling Control
The multifungtion SmartControl provides a versatile platform for user interface and SmartSave Cycling (if enabled).  The innovative SmartSave (patent pending) Cycling Control continuously monitors the demand placed on the dryer.  At conditions of low demand the refrigerant compressor is cycled off to save energy.  A sophisticated algorithm continuously adapts the operation of the dryer for optinum energy efficiency while minimizing the dewpoint spikes common to traditional thermal mass dryers.



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