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Quincy Compressors


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Quincy - Industrial Air Compressors

Quincy Compressors offers a full line of industrial piston and rotary screw air compressor products. Compressor World sell the QT Series Piston Compressors (5 - 15 HP), QGS Rotary Screw Air Compressors (5-100 HP) and all related air drying and filtration components.


QT-Series Piston Compressors are perfect for the light industrial or automotive application where the duty cycle is lower than 70%. These piston compressors are two-stage (175 PSI) and are mounted on 80 or 120-gallon horizontal or vertical air tanks. All Quincy Piston Compressors are packaged and assembled in the United States.

QGS-Series Rotary Screw Air Compressors are great for industrial applications. Quincy offers “all in one” and standard tank mounted versions for smaller applications (5 - 30 Horsepower) and base mounted compressors (5 - 100 HP). Tank mounted and “all in one” packages are great for the quick and easy installation as the piping and the factory does all of the internal connections.

Quincy - True Blue… Interested in buying all Quincy Products for your air system? Compressor World also sells Quincy refrigerated air dryers, Quincy filters and Quincy Oil/Water Separators.

Quincy offers local service and support on all of their compressors. Quincy offers a standard 1 year parts and labor on the QGS, 3 year major component warranty and a optional 5 year extended warranty with a factory startup (Cost Adder). Once you purchase your Quincy Compressor from Compressor World, our staff will send details on your local service provider. This compressor service provider will be your warranty and service support team for any and all related issues.

Providing superior sales and service to countless number of business that employ and depend on the 4th utility is what Compressor World is all about. If someone needs any air compressor, related parts and/or service, Compressor World is here to meet those needs. Feel confident when buying your Quincy Compressor from Compressor World.

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