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Vertical Air Tanks

Vertical Air Tanks


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Vertical Air Tanks are typically used with base mounted air compressors. They are available in different capacities, and can be brought with or without the base ring. These tanks are made to withstand high pressure conditions so that air compressors can function efficiently and safely.


Two important considerations to make when choosing an air tank are:

  • Tank size - Since the air stored inside air tanks are usually under intense pressure, it's important that the tank size be chosen with care. A tank too small won't be able to provide the desired power, and one that's too big would consume too much energy.
  • Tank installation - Many theories surround tank installation. However, Compressor World experts subscribe to the theory that the textbook provides - install the tank after the air compressor. This will help reduce energy consumption and control systems in a better way.

Vertical air tanks at Compressor World

Compressor World houses Vertical Air Tanks in capacities ranging from 10 gallons to 10,000 gallons from reputed manufacturers such as Manchester. When shopping for vertical air tanks, buyers can avail a host of benefits, including:

  • Tax-free purchases
  • Free shipping
  • Easy multi-product comparisons
  • Local servicing on all products
  • Best prices in the industry
  • Quick finance availability

Though Compressor World provides comprehensive information on all its products to facilitate easy decision making, should you face any doubts, queries or confusions, our compressed air experts can help. Compressor World experts bring with them decades of combined experience in compressed air systems, and can guide you with the required knowledge and expertise to make the best decision.

Our experts are available round the clock. You can reach them at 866.778.6572. Alternatively, you can mail us your queries at info@compressorworld.com, and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

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