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Air Filters

Air Filters


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Compressed air usually contains many contaminants that can mean harm to the product being manufactured at your facility, or the air that's being breathed in. That's not all, these contaminants can also cause a series of problems for your air compressor as well. They can corrode your air distribution and air storage vessels, and/ or damage or block the production equipment, resulting in unhealthy working conditions and product contamination.

Of the ten most harmful contaminants found in compressed air, nine can be removed using air filtration technology. Your air compressor can incorporate different styles of filters to significantly improve the compressed air quality.


Air Filters at Compressor World

At Compressor World, filters for compressed air are available in multiple designs and styles from reputed brands, including Deltech, Nano, Coilhose Pneumatics, Domnick Hunter, and Quincy. Compare multiple filters side-by-side to weigh your options before choosing one.

Here's a quick guide to types of Air Filters:

  • Particulate filters - 5 Microns
  • Coalescing filters - 1 Micron
  • Fine coalescing filters - 0.01 Microns

It's recommended that Air Compressor Filters be chosen keeping in mind the air quality they provide, the operation costs involved, and the environmental impact. An Air Filter that's coming at a low price may not necessarily be good for your air compressor. Experts also suggest installing a 3-Valve bypass around the filters and dryer, so that these components can be serviced without having to shut down the air compressor system.

Need help in choosing an Air Filter for your air compressor? Get in touch with one of our experts at 866.778.6572 today. You can also drop us an email with your queries/ doubts at info@compressorworld.com. We'll get back to you within 24 hours.

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